Email services from G-suite (Gmail)

In this day and age, email is not only nthe easiest source of external and internal communication at a workplace but in fact, it is also a hub of many businesses. now businesses are using emails with their domain name to help people identify them easily and to ensure security purposes. Your domain name emails make you look more professional. Self-hosting of your emails is possible but professional email- hosting services can save your time and help you avoid security issues.


We are here with our “email services from g-suite” service to provide you custom domains with email services from G-suits. We will create email accounts for your employees through using your website domain address (for instance domain name emails for an ABC company will look like this

The following features will help you understand what g-suite includes for you:

  • Daily Backups
  • Secure like Fort Knox
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Fully managed
  • Ultimate speed

Furthermore here we will provide a brief summary of the advantages and benefits you will get after availing our “email services from g-suite” service.

  • We route all your emails through using secured applications having features of virus-filtering and spam filtering.
  • Our “email services from g-suite” service also offer FTP tools through which we can send files and documents larger than 25MB in size.
  • Our services also include a minimum of 2GB mailbox storage per user.

Ours provide 24/7 free support service with our “email services from g-suite” services. So you can easily contact us in the hour of need.

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